It’s 2018, consciousness has arrived here today, a little unwilling to look at 2017 because its feeling like it has let go of too much at one go – take it easy | don’t take it too seriously



anime you keep me sane, my consciousness stays sober and loving when you’re in the picture

i choose you, always

love, always. consciousness, always.

One Day

One day, there’s going to be that one song, and that one moment, that opens your heart and make you see everything that was always there, the hidden love, hidden in all places, hidden in darkness, waiting to dash out.

And there’s going to be that one person who brings home all these emotions to you.

They’ll make you a better person without you even realizing, your ego will writhe in pain because it doesn’t want to die and reform – but release and surrender, you will be fine.

You’ll come out a butterfly

Cool Jazz

A little bit too bright, some of these days I’m just going go overboard if I do not contain myself. We are all some sort of crazy spirals in the head you know, coming back to look at different things but jazz… cool jazz in particular- always helps give you a certain perspective on things which are a little bit difficult to digest for the reptilian brain like this.

Your brain thinks you want a bunch of shit and everything else, but your body says noooooooooo and contains shit tons of fear from programming, however with jazz,, you find that balance. Libra is always very very very obsessed with balance and harmony.

They say what you see in others is always often your own mirrors being brought up to the surface, which is true. Sometimes we all do our own shit going around with our own mundane activities thinking that to each it’s own and the amount of “right” shit we think we are doing – I wish the Gods above us are just really laughing their asses off at how childish we are.

And while I am typing all of this, no it doesn’t apply to everybody because this is my perception. This is why you need the third eye to stop being so calcified. I know mine is.

By the time

By the time you’re back, you’ll see me differently. I’ll be different, stronger, loving myself more, finally being me

Every single interaction i have with myself pushes me forward to being the woman I’m supposed to be.

It’s interesting.

Nothing’s really real, right?