Personal Space

I didn’t realize how much of a space person i actually am when it comes to doing my own work and this is much more amplified when you’re living in the same room with someone whom you’re in a relationship with.

I also treat them in this sense where I do not wish to invade their space as I’m typing this. It feels awkward stepping out of the room, but I’m also probably overthinking this horse shit. Since when did my brain start to function like this? Probably in the past omg i can’t do this horse shit bye


The Last of Tim

The very last of Tim, was the end of time.
Did he weep as he thought he would?
And thus he did, but not so bitter as he thought.
He embraced the pain and the death that came with it,
embraced it so hard he could feel his bones shatter.

His bones and  body shattered,
No longer feeling human but saved –
Wretched soul hath gone to smokes,
And all he felt was a warm embrace.
So beautiful, so surreal that he started to weep.

It’s ego death, they said –
The colors and the patterns and the voices
All kept swirling in his head
And yet he felt a loving presence around him
Those who came before him, after him –
But most importantly, her.

My love, my love, can you forgive me?
For the unkind thoughts and the coldness,
You belong with me,
and we’ll always be..

Quantum entanglement no longer a mystery,
but our new found reality.
I have always loved you, and will always do.

I the wounded masculine,
and you the wounded feminine –
we’ll set this right baby.

On Gentleness & Trust

Without trust there’s no us

Didn’t sleep great and now all I have is still everything but with a grumpy attitude

I couldn’t sleep last night because I cried balls remembering how much shit i’ve went through in the past only to be who i am today. And then there’s this human who came along to my life who turned everything upside down

He understands the demons and he knows how to tame them, & with all the fucked up beliefs i have absorbed, facing a soul like his made my heart shatter

how are you so kind” – i look at him everytime laying in his arms, tracing the hair on his chest

if i can die, it’s this, a part of myself who was conditioned to believe i was unworthy of a lot of things . i wanted to kill all these people in my head who damaged me but they’ve been fucked up too in their childhoods, past relationships

we have tons of hurt.

let us be gentle, , ,

One Day

One day, there’s going to be that one song, and that one moment, that opens your heart and make you see everything that was always there, the hidden love, hidden in all places, hidden in darkness, waiting to dash out.

And there’s going to be that one person who brings home all these emotions to you.

They’ll make you a better person without you even realizing, your ego will writhe in pain because it doesn’t want to die and reform – but release and surrender, you will be fine.

You’ll come out a butterfly