“Mi amor, do you hear me thinking of you even though we are 9,000 miles away? Do you hear me calling your name and missing you altogether at once? Most of all, do you know how much I miss love and miss you?”

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L’insignifiance means insignificance. It is my blog title because it feels like I’m insignificant, it feels like my vivid memories of loved ones and fleeting people and my long and hard thoughts are insignificant to anyone out there who’s reading it. We always want to be part of something bigger, something significant, but truth is, we’re nothing but miniscule pecks of dust from the universe’s point of view. We are all insignificant, and because of that, when someone thinks you’re significant in their life, we feel special, we finally feel wanted, we finally belong somewhere with someone. It’s so important that we are all insignificant in this world or else no one will appreciate being significant in someone else’s lives. This is also why partners, lovers, husbands, wives (basically anyone who is in a love relationship with you) is called your significant other. Everyone else to them is insignificant but you. Remember that. They chose you for a reason or maybe for no reason at all. Maybe they just love you and can’t find an explanation as to why your presence in their life is so significant, so bright, so beautiful.

I think I’m at peace that I’m insignificant in this universe because that amplifies how much I mean to my person.

Daniel, thank you for being my significant other and for finding my presence significant in your life despite how insignificant we all are. I love you.


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