“Hemmingway. Minimalism. French couture. Fine dining. Classy. Elegant. Plain. Simple. Poignant. Direct. Short & Sweet.”

Minimalism has been a recurring theme in my head for these past few months and it has been getting a little bit crazy and I have decided to take action. I’m going to start living a minimalistic way of life because less is more.

I knew I had a minimalist complex in me sometime last year where I just wanted to cut out all the unwanted bullshit in my life including friends and things which I do not like or do not need. To be honest, I think I lost most of my friends because none of them could or would understand me and it felt great cutting out the negative influences in my life. I used to have a huge crowd of friends but I never felt connected because the quality wasn’t there. We weren’t on the same wavelength on most things.

My second cue to knowing that I had a minimalist complex is when I started to cut out patterns from my fashion wardrobe. I would only go with plain or basic prints, and the most flamboyant pattern you’ll ever see would be horizontal or vertical stripes. I started to loathe bright colours like my old go-to bright red lipstick, red nail polish, basically anything that stands out too much. I just wanted to blend into the background and not be noticed. I wanted to be a wallflower. I started liking grey a lot, and sandy beige colours. It drove me insane to a point where I just wanted to clean up my entire wardrobe and replace it with neutrals like: your normal high waisted jeans, basic fitted cropped tops, tight fitting jerseys, denim shorts, plimsolls and stiletto pumps (all of them in black, white, nude, light pink, grey, brown, sandy beige and navy). That was exhausting listing them out.

Also I wanted to adapt the french minimalist fashion because I have too many things occupying my wardrobe and too many products occupying my vanity space. I’ll never be French but I can still practice the French lifestyle, can’t I?

My last cue as to having a minimalist complex is spring cleaning. I’m constantly clearing out my stuff in my room whenever I feel like it and when it starts to become unbearable again, I’ll start cleaning it up. Everytime when I’m done, it feels oddly rewarding to de-clutter. I throw things without hesitation and without thinking of its sentimental value because my main goal is to get rid of junk. I would be a very useful spring cleaning partner, you can hire me for $10 an hour to clean up your mess.

Oh and have you ever tried typing in a certain way where you hate capitalizing words because you wanted it to look like this?

oh loreal ipsum issus de jeaux triste coloures

The period is optional but people would usually go without the period. In fact, I just had a little dilemma whether to have the fonts bold+italic or just italic. I decided that one effect would suffice to emphasize the minimalist effect.

I wouldn’t call myself someone with an OCD. I just like minimalism because it’s simple and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


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