“Nudity is a choice, nudity is art, nudity isn’t provocative if you appreciate beauty in its rawest form.”

Nudity is a form of art, if you ask me. Sending nude photos are supposed to be done artsy and fancily, in my opinion. Showing off every bit of your skin is intimate, and it is a privilege for the other person to be able to experience sensory pleasure from someone’s naked body. Nudity is often correlated to sex but I strongly disagree. Nudity does not have to be sexual. Nudity in my opinion, is the purest form of beauty, and it is supposed to be innocent. For instance, a baby born from its mother’s womb is unclothed. You look at them tenderly for they are so immaculate and innocent. Yet when a woman or a man is naked, people associate it with shamefulness. Why?

I personally enjoy taking nude pictures and sending it to mi amor and he enjoys them. It feels wonderful to have your body being appreciated by another human. It feels like you’re accepted despite the love-handles, the birthmark, the stretchmarks and other flaws on your body. For once, you’re actually beautiful in someone’s eyes. I’m quite a nudist myself and I would enjoy basking under the sun, naked; but I never had the chance to.

let me pose like one of your french girls

That’s a slight variation from the original “draw me like one of your french girls” (Titanic) quote. After a long day, I just get punchy and I like to flirt around a bit. I’ve never said that exact phrase to Daniel but he knows it right away when I’m asking hinting for a session of passionate love making. Being nude is being free. You’re in your own skin around someone you adore and you let them softly caress your skin, slowly kissing until they reach your weakest spot. You start melting in their arms and finally all you hear is just the powerful orgasm of two people who are irrevocably in love with each other.

I just wished people would see nudity the way some people see it like I do. It’s supposed to be something beautiful, not shameful. With all that being said, nu is the new black.

Stay nude.


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