“Do we really understand what others are trying to tell us? Do people really understand what we’re trying to tell them?”

To understand, in French, is entente. It reminds me of my dialect, we say intindi. We look at things, we observe things, and the sole purpose of it is to be able to understand what is going on. We ask questions to understand the situation more. We give answers, because we think we understand. But really, do we really understand anything at all? I think we don’t.

Human brains are capable of a lot of things, but it is still somehow limited. Have you ever felt like you can’t fully understand a situation because you’re not involved? Have you ever felt like no one can fully understand you because they never had similar experiences? Yet people claim that they understand all the time. I think humans were made to not understand each other fully, and with that, comes differences.

Dissimilarities always had a negative connotation, but we have to remember that only with difference comes variation. We often say that diversity is beautiful, that differences make things interesting. However, is “opposites attract, similar repel” really true? I was reading an article online about this theory and it is not 100% accurate. The more accurate version of it would be “opposites attract, similar stay together”. That made more sense to me. This is why we are so attracted to someone who is distinguishably different from us and feel nothing when it comes to someone similar. But in the end, we stick with someone whom we can find common ground with. Why?

With opposing personalities coming together, there has to be mutual ground where both parties try to understand each others’ point of view. But like I said above, we do not truly understand anyone but ourselves. Sometimes we might even fail to understand ourselves, hence understanding another person fully is not an easy task.

The question is, if you love someone so much, will you be willing to put down your argument and understand their point no matter how different, how distorted it is from yours, how hard it is for you to digest? I would. At least I know I would. I would do anything to make my partner feel they’re being understood. For love, I would. I’ve done a lot of crazy things for love.

I realized that love means putting your beloved’s views before yours first. Ego and pride should never come between love’s way, that’s if what you have is truly love.

Now I’m starting to think that opposites do attract and can stay together if they tried hard enough to understand each other. But then again, will these two people truly understand each other fully to overcome their differences? This is some food for thought.


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