“Nothing feels better than a good selection of mellow jazz to listen to.”

I am listening to Miles Davis // Kind of Blue album as I am typing this excerpt in my dark room, in pajamas, hair all tied up in a loose messy bun, face still tinted with the day’s makeup. I stare at my not-so-bright screen and type away as I indulge myself with the beautiful and soothing sounds of the saxophone.

I am pretty laid back for a person my age. I love jazz more than anyone I know. The reason why I love jazz is because of its very cool and chilly effect. It’s perfect to play during a hot summer’s night while you’re lounging around your room in sweats. I think some jazz songs do reflect the minimalism lifestyle I dream of, but some people would disagree. Well, that depends on what type of jazz you listen to. Right now, I feel pampered and relaxed. I told my sister that when I grow up, my husband has to appreciate jazz or else we would not get along.

I’m lucky mi amor enjoys jazz – especially swing. Swings make me feel different. It feels like you’re on a Broadway musical. It’s flamboyant, luxurious and definitely catchy. I often find my foot tapping away to its catchy tempo. It makes me think that I could/might have been able to learn tap dancing.

I could live like this all day. If there’s  heaven on earth, it’s listening to the best selection of jazz with high duty headphones and typing away on your laptop.

(Fades away slowly into the magical realm of jazz).


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