“Childishness as we know it, never goes away. It sits still in the deepest depths of the soul.”

I was trying to be productive today and read a book from Gabrielle Zevin (Elsewhere) since I enjoyed The Storied Life of AJ Fikry so much. Alas, the book failed me. I loathed the cumbersome childish ways of the main character in the story. What’s worse than having a 15 year old girl, in love with drama and tormented with her own death and sorrow in a land which is supposed to be the afterlife, as a storyline? I wouldn’t mind the story line if it weren’t for the childish girl’s actions and words.

If afterlife were real, I would definitely not be in denial of death. Being in denial of your own death is like not acknowledging your existence because with every life comes death, dumbass. Yeah you, Elizabeth Mary Hall from Elsewhere.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is I really dislike reading books with an underlying childish theme because why would you want to read books which won’t enrich you/which won’t make you grow as a person/which won’t make you a better person? I look back at my youth and realized how thankful I am for the exposure on how important it is to read good books. I’m so glad I did not read any bullocks from Sophie Kinsella (I’m sorry, your chick flicks really suck. I have nothing against you as a person, but I really just vehemently loathe chick flicks).

Yes, they say every once awhile our childishness might surface and I would like to add to it. Maybe there’s two types of childishness: 1. Good childish as in having a childlike awe and sense of wonder 2. Bad childish as in wailing or throwing tantrums just because things are not going your way. I like to think that some people bring out the good childish in you and it’s kept in the deepest depths of your soul. You look at the world like it’s brand new to you again, all thanks to a whole new perspective from an inspiring person in your life.

On the other hand, bad childish should fade as we age. That is something we should be able to control. No, you don’t get to be a bxtch or a dxck when you don’t get something you want. Pick being polite over anything, anyday. Only if people realize how powerful words are, they would be more mindful of the things they would say.

With great maturity, you do not have to comment on everything. No comment is the best comment when you have nothing nice to say.

I’ll live with that.


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