“Annoyance kills your inner peace and you try so hard to not let it get to you, but it just does.”

So this has been a terrible way to start a month. I have a list of errands I’ll have to run, and these aren’t just your typical “fun” errands like going to the grocery and picking up some stuff, it’s official business.

I’m supposed to be on a forever trip enjoying my time here but I’ll never have a peace of mind until all these issues get resolved. It involves back and forth email interactions with some other party or person, and the time difference all makes it even annoying to handle. I’m 15 hours behind and if I do not check my mail religiously, my replies would be slowed down. And this is what I’m paranoid about: if I reply late, they’re going to do the same thing too.

I’m such a workaholic though, sometimes. I should be enjoying my holiday and here am I fussing about all the requirements and documents I have to prepare for my last year in Australia. I love moving to a new place but the preparation drives me nuts especially when miscommunication happens all the time.

However, I’m still thankful for my family and some reliable friends who are able to run these errands for me back at home. God, I think I owe too many people a lot. I’m going to have to start giving something back or else they’ll think I’m ungrateful.

I’m not ungrateful, it’s just that I’m not physically present to be able to do things or to express my gratitude.

My nails are awfully making a lot of noise as I’m typing away and it’s hindering my speed. I can’t cut it because they’re newly manicured. I just had to get a french manicure, moreover the reason why I can’t get the tips cut short because I’ll just be wasting money.

Why is everything in America so expensive? Or am I just poor?


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