“Everything in excess is just as bad as lacking it.”

I think the younger Millennials are extremists in their own ways. Being one myself, I absolutely dislike how extreme the representations are, there’s never one thing that’s in between. Hence, I never fail to complain that we need more intersectional representations.

For example, body sizes. From fat shaming to skinny shaming. The problem still exists. It has been over-corrected. Now being skinny is wrong and being fat or so-called curvy is the go-to body shape. And then you have people throwing around the word privilege : skinny bitch privilege, fatty privilege. Basically (according to the Internet norm at least), you have privilege if you are being highly regarded.


I don’t even want to talk about privilege. I just want to express my disappointment with this excessive enthusiasm in juveniles nowadays. Everyone is so quick to judge, so quick to anger, so quick to defend, so quick to offend. Everything in this generation just has to be instantaneous, eh? With a snap of a finger, you could earn yourself a foe or the opposite.

Everyone is always so eager to be part of some movement. An online social justice warrior seems like the go-to trend nowadays. If there’s one thing I know of, a lot of these activists use hate speech and shaming tactics, no sign of diplomacy at all. Aggression is also normally a trait accompanied with the need of validation by peers or society with the amount of likes, retweets or shares they have.

I just can’t stand the condescending and arrogant attitude of these younger Millennials.

Oh well, to hell with those pretentious little fuckers. I’m just going to sit back, know my issues – where I stand, and do my own thing. I’d rather be underrated but well understood than being overrated but misunderstood.


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