L’âge Adulte

“Hitting adulthood is a sudden realization that you’ll never experience your good ole childhood days again.”

It’s pretty nostalgic I know. I’ve been on waves and waves of nostalgia for months now, looking back at my past, revisiting arcade flash games I used to play in primary school, reading my favourite fantasy series by Dianna Wynne Jones (The Merlin Conspiracy and many other great books – I even downloaded a whole bunch of them but haven’t finished reading them all). I get mildly annoyed with my half-assed attitude on a lot of things.

I start so many of them yet always leave them half hanging. For example: the books, comic series and movies that are sitting in my folder right now. Maybe that’s how it’s like being an adult. You have the choice of doing absolutely anything you want, and at the same time you’re responsible of it. No one really gives a shit about scolding or schooling an adult, so you tend to easily lose track.

I might miss my mom nagging me to finish up things.

Being an adult is 10 times worse than being a child. I wish I had that realization back then, and tried to stayed a kid as long as I could. Alas, I always watched adults going and doing their own thing. I thought it was exciting to be able to do whatever you want without ever being ‘policed’ by anyone. I’ve never been so wrong.

Entering my 20s is a mess. I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life. I’m trying to figure out who my real friends are. I’m trying to figure out who’s my humor niche (well, at least I have that solved now – my niche: PhD/Grad/late 20s-early 30s/LouisCK/NYC humor. I don’t even know whether the last category exists, but I made it up anyway, because when you’re an adult you can pretty much claim whatever you say is relevant and correct.

*rolls eyes*

I’m not looking forward turning 21.


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