Aprender Portugese

“Learning a new language is like discovering a new you.”

Eu sou aprender Portugese, que é muito difícil, mas eu vai continuar á trabalho duro. I have been learning Portugese for about 2 weeks now, and it has been a crazy roller coaster of ups and downs. It is really harder to learn a new language when you’re older, because your child-like wonder is slowly fading away.

I will persevere and one day I will be one heck of a sexy, intellectual polyglot. I mean, c’mon, why restrict yourself from just speaking a language when you can learn a lot more? Like I said, learning a new language is like discovering a new side of you that you never knew it existed. I realized that I could potentially have an inner Brazillian goddess in me. I love Bossa Nova, I love the cuisine, I love the language, and most of all I identify with the culture.

I’ll be honest with you though, it can be really challenging. All that has been my motivation is to end up in Rio de Janeiro, mingling with the locals and speaking the language somewhere in 2017 after my graduation, which is why I am taking this so seriously.

I have also been tweeting in a hilarious fetus level of Portugese on Twitter. It is hilarious watching myself attempt to speak another language without sounding like an immigrant. I am pretty sure my followers are getting pretty annoyed with my multilingual tweets *ahem*

Till then, tchau, amor vocês! Bijou xx


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