“Life is an illusion. Death is an illusion. Everything else is a illusion once you have found out the truth.”

As Daniel would put it, we’re always so curious, we’re always that person peeking behind the curtains, always trying to take a glimpse of what’s really going on out there. I never used to feel that everything is illusion until recently, being awakened out of nowhere and seeing a lot of synchronizations around me. I’ll be honest with you, it freaked me out for a bit. But that’s how it works. Society has programmed us to be scared of the unknown, to be afraid of things that are too coincidentally eerie to be true. Thank you Carl Jung for the synchronicity term, or else we would not know what we now know.

It all started after Daniel’s passing. I have watched I-Origins a few times, but I watched it with Pat again. I wanted to share with her a very important movie, and possibly one of Daniel’s favourites. The movie showed us the 11:11 element and to be honest, I’ve never really paid attention to it because I thought it was just a movie fact. The next night, I was just reading more about the soul and reincarnation. I was feeling very overwhelmed and enlightened at the same time with the new information I was learning. As I looked up the clock, there it was –


…staring right into my soul. I stared at it for the longest time and I thought I was going crazy. I felt a zap of energy around me, almost as if Daniel sent those numbers to me. I actually feel Daniel’s energy around me still, and that day it was so strong. I just followed my intuition and walked towards his huge picture sitting on the console at the hallway. His eyes were extra alive, and I could see a tiny little smirk. I doubted that for a little, but at the same time I wanted to be open to the experience. So I walked to the room, and I talked to him for what seemed like hours.

That’s when I knew that this life on earth is nothing but just a pre-experience of what we are going to experience once we are in the 5th dimension. Death is only the beginning, and here death just means the disintegration of our physical body, not our energies, not our souls. Our physical bodies are amazing, but it is still limited. The metaphysical world is a whole new area of science which we have not discovered. Science and spirituality is always ever evolving, which is why it is so important to be open to all possibilities out there.

The only way to learn the truth is to be open to all possibilities. Let go of that doubt, let go of your skepticism, and let the universe show you its wonders.

Yesterday, I watched I-Origins again with Julia, Daniel’s sister. 11:11 just popped out of nowhere while I checked the clock. It never fails to send a jolt of tremendous energy to me. The synchronicities just never stop. Once you start seeing them, they’ll never stop. 11:11 is so powerful that everytime I see it I have to pause and think just to reaffirm myself that I’m always one step closer to the truth. That was the 3rd time seeing 11:11. The other time I saw it was last week, at Sue’s house.

What actually shocked me most was realizing that 11:11 was always in the birthdates of Daniel’s and mine. You could only imagine how shocked I was to realize things so late, and how the answers were always right under my nose. It just always required more faith to see the answers. I kept asking myself last night, WHY ONLY NOW? But I’ll have to trust the timing of the universe. This is a breakdown of how 11:11 is present in our birthdates:

8(August, Daniel’s birth month) + 3(March, my birth month) = 11

1995(My birth year) – 1984(Daniel’s birth year) = 11

Do you notice how the yin and yang is also present because of the addition and the subtraction of numbers still resulting in both the same numbers 11? I was about to lose it, and then another thought struck me. In the movie I-Origins, the number 8 symbolized to infinity and beyond. This time without warning, I tried our birthdays again and got another shock of my life. We had matching 8s.

1 + 5 = 6 (Daniel’s birth date is 15); 6 + 8(birth month) = 14; 1 + 4 = 5

9(My birth date) + 3(birth month) = 12; 1 + 2 = 3

5 + 3 = 8

84(Daniel’s year) + 95(My year) = 179; 1 + 7 + 9 = 17; 1 + 7 = 8

Honestly, how many coincidences do you have to go through in order to believe that there has to be something bigger than us? Not to mention that Daniel and I have the same life path 9, and our soul numbers (sum of first names) add up to be 11, and that we met on 12/12/13 which symbolizes the power number 12 by adding up each of the individual numbers together. His first crush was named Megan, and my first crush was named Daniel. I’m trying to keep track here of the number of coincidences and every time there’s a little voice in my head trying to doubt these divinations, more signs just comes up my way.

There is no way I can deny this anymore. Daniel and I are twin flames, and we have reunited in this lifetime, and that my time will come soon to leave this physical body and finally be reunited as one. With each day that goes by, I’m one step closer to my eternal lover.

I know you’re waiting for me baby.


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