“Derezzed from Tron Legacy is exactly how my thoughts would sound, tangled and all fuzzy.”

1984. My head is spinning. I do not know what year is this, I do not know what day is this, I do not know what is happening. But if there’s one thing that I’m sure of, it’s definitely the thoughts in my head. They’re all tangled, loud, overpowering, overwhelming. Is there anybody out there? Can you hear me? Why do I feel like I’m drowning? Is this information overload? Or is it Hans Zimmer’s music doing things to me now?

That’s a glimpse of what’s going on in my head right now as I try my very best to zone out and try to produce a post here. I have to write and I am compelled to write because I have been staying in my head for too long. I hear the washing machine going off – great, another pointless human life routine that has to be done in timely fashion or else everything gets out of control. You win, Matrix, at least for this time. I will do the laundry in 3… 2… 1…


I saw this gigantic cockroach in the toilet. My intuition told me to face it, to smash it into smithereens, but then my ego told me I wouldn’t be able to do it, and that I would fail. I succumbed into my ego’s projections. However I have not failed YET. I will face it tomorrow morning when I have to shower. This is the first time I’ve ever succumbed into fear. I wonder whether I’ll start seeing moths soon. You see, the thing with this growing process as a soul, the universe will really send you your greatest fears for you to conquer them. I have conquered my fear of “ghosts”, so I think the next logical step would be the universe to send me another challenge.

My thoughts are all so fragmented. Inception’s soundtrack would really make a good background reading music for 1984. Hans Zimmer is a genius. He never fails to deliver. I can’t even translate my thoughts into words now because the music is overwhelming. Was this how Daniel often felt? Overwhelmed by thoughts and no solid vocabulary to convey the thoughts the way they are? I often wonder whether there could be this extractor that would extract your thoughts from your mind without altering any of it – leaving it as raw as possible. The closest to extraction of raw thoughts could possibly be through telepathy.

Is telepathy a thing yet? I believe it is, but human brains always will be limited by our own beliefs that were created by the elite, so just that they would be able to conquer us through our false limitations. The elite and power hungry puritans will send you countless messages through different mediums, and your job as a plebeian is to swallow it nevertheless, without questioning authority, how, & why. But we must always know this: We the proles have the power to rebel when we are aware. The irony is that it takes one to be aware to be able to rebel. So the fundamental question is – how exactly do we make 2 dependent notions mutually exist? This is where the law of cause and effect becomes a problem.

The law of cause and effect demands that to each effect there is a cause. It implies that something has happened, therefore the aftermath. However, the law of unity, the law of balance, the law of Yin and Yang precisely explains this phenomenon perfectly. The law of Yin and Yang explains 2 mutually exclusive but dependent events. They just exist without beginning and end. They are constants. They are different but are correlated. This would not make sense to the stereotypical logical person for it contradicts their train of thought. Logical people view things in a cause and effect manner, whereas non-logical people (creative people) view things in a non linear manner which actually makes more sense.

Now let me ask you, is logic that great at all?


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