“Why do I feel so exhausted even after waking up from a deep slumber?”

I’m tired, exhausted, numb, lost, dreamy, zoned out. I know they say that your thoughts will form your reality due to the Law of Attraction, but I can’t seem to put myself in that alpha state right now. I’m cranky, moody, aloof, distant all at once. Maybe it’s the hormones because the time of the month is coming soon – but really, what a shitty way to dump your shitty emotions onto something else instead of being responsible of it.

Humans are so used to blaming their emotions as an effect of other people’s actions or the surroundings around them, oblivious to the fact that they are in fact the ones responsible for their own well being. I used to be this way in the past, but after being more aware of my thought patterns, I started taking responsibility on my own actions, because I know ONLY I have the POWER to change them.

Is this going to be one of those meditative posts again? Okay, let’s start. Bear with me people (I mean, assuming if there’s even anyone who’d read this tiny insignificant post amongst a trillion, gazillion others). Why am I feeling this way? Why am I so tired and exhausted? Possible internal reasons? Here’s a list:

  • Communicating with someone from my past and digging up old wounds (opening about Daniel’s passing)
  • Lack of quality sleep (too much brain activity from vivid dreams)
  • Lack of healthy food for breakfast

So how do I change the outcomes? Perhaps I should communicate more, be more open to other people as to not restrict my throat chakra, and let it flow. I realized that repressing painful memories will only let you writhe more in pain. Experience the pain and let it flow through you, but don’t let it consume you. Also, pack on the zzzz’s. I’ve been taking my sleeping time for granted. I’m always staying awake for a long period of time reading new metaphysical/esoteric stuff for my spiritual journey instead of taking care of my own health. Hmm, how about healthy food? OK, I’ll go grab yogurt right now.


I should pamper myself. What is this blog even becoming? My therapeutic outlet instead of creative pursuits? Sigh.


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