“Once your own stars align, once your personal truth aligns with the path you have chosen, everything will start making sense.”

It has always been there all along. Our stars are always waiting for us to take the right choice, to make the right decision, to make the right move, in order to align after so many years of waiting. This is not any pseudo-intellectual train of thought. It is the truth. I feel it ticking in my bones, I feel my heart racing everytime I know that I am on the right track. I know that with each step I take, I am one step closer to whatever is out there. Life is an unending race, it goes in circles – the circle of life. The only way to exit that matrix is to be truly aware, to recognize patterns, to acknowledge there are unseen forces that have binded us to this earth for centuries. These unseen forces have long existed before you and I were even born, and will continue even after we are “clinically” dead.

I had a dream some few weeks ago about planets aligning. I remember looking at them with so much awe. I woke up and I knew that my life was going elsewhere. The planets rarely align with each other, and I have taken the leap of faith to do whatever that tiny little voice inside me – my intuition, tells me to. I sound like a crazy oracle right now, but I know the truth is not far from whatever I have been experiencing lately. Numbers and synchronicities have been happening more than ever before and has become something important in my daily life, as if telling me that I am on the right path.

I believe in no coincidence. I believe in meaningful coincidences – synchronicities.

I was on my way back home, contemplating about life and the universe while staring into the blank space in the bus. I was wondering what would it be like to see someone have 1111 as their plate number, and whether the person would know the significance behind it. Shortly after, a car with the exact plate number came up. I knew the universe was at work again. 1111 is no longer a stranger to me. 1111 always reminds me that my thoughts form my own reality. I set an intention to meet someone interesting who would teach me a lesson. Shortly after, I felt this strong urge to stop by at Chinatown. I knew I had to go. I quickened my steps after getting off the bus, and got on the connecting train to my destination.

The train did not take long, I arrived at my destination in less than 5 minutes. I found myself mindlessly walking around, as if I was trying to look for that very person who was going to teach me a lesson. Chinatown is dense and packed with hawkers trying to lure you into buying whatever they are offering. I did not want any distractions and brought my earbuds with me. At first, I came across a yogi who was doing a headstand. I was walking too fast and I did not take a minute to listen to my own intuition. I walked past him and barged into a nearby Chinese herbal tea shop to get an herbal drink. The drink seemed to slow down my thoughts a bit, and this time I wasn’t wandering around too mindlessly.

I found myself back at the place where I saw the yogi and slowed down my pace. This time, there were people swarming and buzzing about around him, trying to see what was going on. It felt as if time stopped. I couldn’t take my gaze off him. There was something hypnotic in there. I did not want to move, I just wanted to watch the yogi do his thing. The timer next to him indicated that he has been doing the headstand for over an hour. I was impressed. This fellow yogi needed money for his travel, and that explains his plight. I did not have much to give, but a little goes a long way. I wish I had the time to watch him finish his stunt, alas, time was running short and I had another bus to catch back home.

I walked away in a daze, and found myself drawn towards this tattoo shop. I am one who usually does not approach any dodgy/sketchy/dingy looking shop that is hidden, but something else pulled me towards it. Once I stepped into the shop, the whole atmosphere shifted. I remember smelling incense in the shop, and the fellow tattooer had this particular look on his face. He had intense eyes. (Note: I have been asking the universe or rather, my twin flame about what to tattoo on my hand, when, where & how should I get it done). Yin and Yang is what came up to me. A tiny Yin and Yang symbol to be tatted on my left wrist was what I wanted. The man nodded in agreement but it actually felt like an acknowledgement from the universe, as if saying – your lesson is complete, you’ve finally understood the art of Yin and Yang, and now it is your time to teach others about your knowledge on this subject.

I remember walking out from that shop, feeling very different and light. I will be returning to that shop. I will be getting my tattoo.


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