“Cockroaches have survived for millions of years since the dinosaur era till now – do you think they will outlive us humans?”

The cockroach bugger came back. I was up doing my yoga before going to bed (yes, I have started yoga meditations on my own for awhile now and its benefits are countless!). I felt this sketchy aura emanating from the toilet, and I tried really hard to ignore it as I was doing my stretches and vinyasa.

I thought it was one of those earth bound spirits who wanted to talk to me again, but when I opened the door, there was the same cockroach, that same old bloody pest I’ve dodged last time. I went “Oh dear God, really Universe? This cockroach again? Not again?” I knew it wasn’t time to bail unless I wanted to experience an even more shocking revelation or awakening or whatever it is that you call it.

I stared at the bugger for the longest time. I was trying to analyze its actions and movements, but it seemed like it was studying mine too. Everytime when I thought I’ve got it figured out (and ready to smash it into smithereens), it scurried away. Several attempts and still, I fail. The cockroach won, it succeeded in escaping its own death. Surprisingly, I wasn’t really scared of it. I just wanted to kill it, because I know it is a dirty creature. Again, blame me for my recent conscious shift, I knew that had to mean something.

Feeling silly, I typed into google “cockroach spiritual” and true enough, there were several articles on cockroaches actually being animal totems. You’re probably thinking – this girl is high on weed or LSD, but I assure you that I have not been smoking pot for the past few months. The last strain I had was in the United States. It turns out that cockroaches are messengers too, conveying to you the message of being resourceful, adaptive to whatever situation one is in, survival and the ability to detect any subtle change in the environment. Pretty accurate, I’d say.

Before going to bed that night, I meditated a little bit on the cockroach. A few lessons that I have learned from the messenger:

  • To know your enemy is to watch their actions closely, but care to not fall into non-action, as perfect timing is important too
  • Do not ignore any nasty energies/vibes you’ve been getting. Chances are that there is danger out there is really high, trust your intuition. It is necessary for one’s survival
  • Know how to adapt in any situations you get thrown into in life. May it be a shitty colleague, or a shitty job, know that nothing is permanent, and that you can change your outcome as long as you are resilient enough


Who knew those tiny little buggers could bring so much insight?


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