“Patience is virtue, my young padawan.”

Of course, I had to fuck up my own alignment for a bit, and delay my Involution process for a tad little bit because I lack patience. I got too carried away with my progress, and one fine night I decided to do the bakasana pose without any prior training (and also, with the overachiever attitude I have, I looked up cheats for the pose).

You’ve guessed it – yes, I injured myself. It has been almost 3 days now and I feel restless everytime I cannot do any yoga because it has become a part of me. As I’m typing this right now, I can feel a slight tingling sensation on the wrist which I had hurt. Very smart Cher, very smart of you to attempt a cheat Bakasana pose.

The universe will always send you something to remind you about how you’re doing or some sort of lesson/warning to warn of your reckless behavior. I will try to use this entire week to refrain from any heavy exercises, and maybe try a little bit of hands free yoga for 6 weeks and slowly moving back into my usual routine.

Man, could you imagine though? If I genuinely didn’t fuck up my progress, where would I be right now? Happily doing my yoga before going to bed is the answer. Also, not suffering from bloating problems caused by my diet. Yoga is like the answer to every ailment I have, but overusing it will definitely cause dire consequences. Balance, balance is key. Yin and Yang. Okay I have to get my Yin and Yang tattoo done ASAP to remind me of the importance of moderation.

BREATHE CHER, breathe.


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