“Gratitude cultivates the feeling of love for everything else, and that is why we should practice gratitude.”

I am so happy right now after finding out this awesome low light app or program (google f.lux) that allows my screen to adjust to the suitable brightness it has to be in certain lighting conditions. This is so awesome. Did you know that I have an immense hate for fluorescent lighting? Artificial lighting makes me feel like utter shit, I’m not even exaggerating. I get really grumpy and moody once you expose me to lights like that because they are nowhere near the natural sunlight which increases your seratonin levels. In fact, your melatonin levels shoot up high when one is being exposed to nasty, buzzing, glaring, white fluorescent lights.

The feeling of gratitude just washes you with so much love you just love everything that is going on in your life. In fact, I do think that Daniel has had a huge role in this. If it wasn’t because of his crossing to the other side, I wouldn’t have been enlightened this way. Again, I wouldn’t want to be calling myself enlightened – but I truly believe in the journey of seeking the truth. It’s funny how the journey of seeking the truth becomes a very grateful and humbling one for one. Everything that I stumble across or upon, just resonates with me whether it is bad or not. Again, these polarities do not really exist but just serve as a construct for the mind to understand things even better.

Did you even realize how limited our language is? It can’t even be used to describe certain ways we are feeling, it’s almost as if the only way for that to happen is through telepathy. I know I have mentioned this in my past post about having an extractor to extract our raw thoughts so that they do not get lost in translation. The more you delve into this truth searching process, the more you realize that there’s so much to be said. It is as if all the words, terms or even known facts can’t even explain whatever you know inertly. Telepathy should really be the next form of consciousness.

I do believe that we are heading into that direction, and I am grateful for everything so far that has happened or hasn’t happened. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for my past decisions and experiences.



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