“Why do we struggle so much? Why do I struggle so much? – Because of resistance.”

Resistance means nothing if what you are resisting will eventually have to happen in the future. Your acceptance is the only thing that will guide you throughout this tumultuous journey.

However, it is important to note that not all forms of acceptance are good. Not all situations have to be accepted if they are detrimental to your well being. Remember, YOU are the only variable that can be CHANGED. So, change yourself & learn how to accept things beyond your control. I know it sounds contradictory, but in order to learn how to change and veer yourself towards your personal truth, you’ll have to learn how to first accept your own shortcomings.

Duality & non-duality are One. Just like everything else, you can’t just acknowledge the polarities or you can’t just say that nothing exists. Instead, embrace the polarities & understand that they are also constructs of the mind. By admitting something exists, it also is acknowledging the fact that it is illusory, hence not existing. Nevertheless, they are BOTH equally necessary and important to understand the concept of – EVERYTHING IS ONE. Without acknowledging one or the other, the concept of EVERYTHING IS ONE will not hold, and thus creating an imbalance.

Like said: Remember to appreciate the beauty of everything without being attached to it, because everything is temporary. That is the beauty of life & death. It is a never ending cycle. Frustrated people would think this: why can’t I seem to exit the matrix? It is because they cannot grasp the concept of life & death as being one.

The art of non-attachment is the way to escape the Matrix.

The art of non-attachment is to learn how to be a master or a jack of all trades. Compartmentalizing will only create segregation, sole focus on one subject will only create alienation. The art of non-attachment is parallel to the art of everything in moderation, in balance, YIN & YANG.


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