“Psychonauts – psychedelic nutters.”

Nutters doesn’t really have a bad meaning to me. To me, it just talks volumes about how someone is immensely interested in a topic to a point where people around them call them nutters. Society always has a knack in trying to convince people that the majority is right, hence assigning labels to everyone, and anyone who doesn’t fall under any stereotype is definitely given a “negative” label e/g: crazy, nuts, weird

Okay, I didn’t want to talk about definitions today. I just wanted to express my gratitude for this wonderful subreddit Psychonaut. It has been one of the new places I’ve been hanging out on to find like minded people. It has been a humbling experience, and a nurturing one where we pick up things from each other. I noticed that whenever a group of people tries to come together to discuss topics that touch on metaphysics or any branch under it, certain people can be very preachy in a sense where they believe that what they believe is the ultimate truth. However, this subreddit is different. Everyone just keeps their opinions to themselves and leave constructive comments, and definitely honouring and respecting each individual’s path.

I’m listening to one of the suggestions from my fellow psychonauts. It’s YOB’s Marrow. “When there’s no ground to feel, to endure, rise in the heart.” That’s really powerful. It reminds me to keep my head high no matter whatever happens. The following line goes like this: “Time will crawl to the sea, time will fall inside the dream.” To me it seems as if the lyrics are trying to convey that during hard times, we have to hold on and be patient. Eventually in the end we will realize that time is just a construct of the mind, and everything that has happened before or happened right now will all not matter. Time will fail to mean anything.

I’m just going to enjoy being a psychonaut, and I’ll enjoy the music ride as well.


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