“We could be still trapped in an infinity loop where you and I keep crossing paths and falling in love, and I’d still think it wouldn’t suffice.”

To draw an infinity loop, you’d just have to imagine drawing a number 8 sideways. I mean, come on what sort of advice was that Cher? What I actually wanted to convey was that infinity is symbolized by the number 8 (if you know a thing or two about numerology). I was going through pictures of Daniel yesterday and I realized that my love for him just grows stronger with each and every day that passes despite being temporarily separated on this physical plane.

At the same time, I couldn’t fathom how that could even be possible. If you asked me the same question back in the olden days, I’d tell you that I’d be afraid of forgetting how it was like, being in love with that one person who used to be your everything. But today, my answer is different. My answer is – I am no longer afraid of forgetting how love feels, because love is just IS. I never wholly understood the concept of unconditional love or undying love (although it always piqued my interest). I used to think that my feelings, my emotions will eventually fade as days pass after Daniel has long gone.

But today, here I am, full of love, sitting on the parquet floor in a dimly lit room, typing away on my laptop, trying to put my emotions, my love for everything into words. So this is how it feels, to love unconditionally and undyingly, and it extends beyond. Unconditional love isn’t just for your object or person of affection, it extends to everything. Love connects us to everything, love connects us to the source, love connects us to God or whatever your terminology is.

Question: Why do some people think that power is the most powerful thing in the world? I’d beg to differ. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It is the only thing that transcends time, space, dimensions, gravity. What are you going to do with your power? Your tyranny in time will just become mere history. Your power can’t occupy space, it’s only limited to people and things. Your power can’t transcend dimensions, you can’t control other things in different dimensions despite your “power”. Your power does not affect gravity – you can be powerful, but everytime when you trip and fall, gravity wins.

Power seeking, fame seeking, money seeking – all these are different forms of attachment. Why does everyone keep forgetting that the root of suffering is because of attachment?


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