“Everything is cosmic if you understand the underlying processes of every day life.”

If there is a constant I know of – it is that everything at its essence is cosmic. This is not some new age spirituality or some woo woo stuff. Cosmic awareness is not something that the human brain can readily interpret or accept since it throws away everything we thought we knew. People are afraid to be wrong, people are afraid of the thought that everything around them is just an illusion, people want the blue pill.

For me, I am ready to be wrong. I am ready to be proven that my beliefs are wrong, I am not afraid of anything. The worst thing that you can ever do for yourself is denying yourself the chance to learn about the Truth. Of course, the Ego will always be the antagonist here because with Ego, comes pride, and with pride, that would create a conflict in an individual – “I want to know the truth but I am afraid of being wrong”. This also creates a problem in today’s society – people are not willing to admit that they are wrong, hence making a big deal out of saying “I am sorry”. I noticed that when people are ready to be wrong, they are the ones who would put down their pride and admit their mistakes. People with that mentality will go places in this lifetime.

Anyway, back to the main theme – everything is cosmic. How many times have we experienced something that can’t be described by words and that it just blows us away? It does not even have to be a dramatic/significant event, it can even be the most mundane things in life! For example, being stuck in the bus on the way to work/school/whatever your path is. Look at the people around you, isn’t it amazing that today itself you’ve crossed paths (being in the SAME bus) with these people? You could have ended up with another bunch of people, but WHY this bunch? Have you ever thought of that? Have you ever thought that what if somehow just by an act of lacing up your shoelaces, you would’ve missed this bus and wouldn’t have gotten on this bus? And by not getting on this bus, how would have the course of your life altered?

See, we take the most mundane things of life for granted that we don’t even see the beauty in it. Remember that shitty job you hate? It’s not shitty at all. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You will learn from it, and once you start to like it, the Universe will go – okay, you’ve got the gist of it, now moving on to the next lesson in life!

Always remember that we are cosmic beings and our bodies are sacred vehicles of consciousness in order for the soul to grow even more. 🙂


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