Alignment (II)

“Alignment does not just happen once, it happens every time you have learned a lesson and let go of that belief in order to be aligned with your new self.”

Aligning your own energies with the universe is truly a beautiful thing. I have been away for the past few weeks since I’ve entered a new phase in life, and now another one is ending. I am getting ready for my new alignment with whatever changes may come. I am perplexed as to how I used to be scared of change, how I used to be afraid to let go of the past – thinking that somehow the past would always be better, and that nothing in the future will ever live up to that standard. Now, if you’d ask me, I would reply in the cheesiest yogi-style ever: Nothing is better than anything, everything is equal. Comparisons are just constructs of the mind.

As I am typing this, I am attempting the lotus pose, but without proper props (yoga mat), my ankles hurt a lot. Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body, it teaches you what is good and what is bad for yourself. It teaches you mindfulness, it expands your awareness, it extends your SELF to everyone else, knowing that we are all One. 🙂

Talking about alignment, I just wanted to express how happy I am as I am in a place where my yoga practice is ready to be taken to the next level. You could only imagine how ecstatic I was when I could do a backbend (like finally!). I have been getting a lot of signs from the Universe (in numbers) about deepening my spiritual practice/project/career – and that created a lot of confusion in me. But today, I have found my answer: bring my yoga practice to a whole new level. Bring it on Universe!

I am so thankful for these meditation playlists on Youtube, they are so soothing to listen to whenever I am trying to ground myself in order to be in the present.

There’s also something important I want to talk about alignment – not being aligned to your true purpose is not necessarily a bad thing. Always trust the timing of the Universe, who knows? Maybe it was already written in your contract that prior to your alignment, you have to go through some challenges – because without obstacles, how would we be able to rise from the ashes like the almighty phoenix? It will always be a matter of perspective, nothing is inherently good or bad. Polarities really do not exist in the end.

Embrace the grey area, embrace the uncertainty, embrace the flow. You already know everything you have to, it is just a matter of Divine timing.



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