Your Own Truth

“You don’t have to preach your own truth. Be a living example of your own truth.”

How many times have we thought of preaching our truth to other people through our words, through books, through ideas, through intangible things? I realized that isn’t the ultimatum, preaching it but not practicing it is essentially being a huge hypocrite. Many times, we always have good intentions trying to teach people or to create awareness in other people about the inherent goodness in people. But we often forget that we are also a part of the SOLUTION. We are not just an observer, we have to be an active participant who shows a good example.

I have come to realize that not all people can take this new spiritual side of me (or rather, long suppressed side) through stories or topics we talk about. For sometime, I felt like I was stuck in a rut because I could not express myself. Part of my subconscious was holding me back because when I was younger, I was programmed to learn how to please people around me. That turned me into an angst-ridden teenager which carried onto my younger adult years. I was over-correcting the problem by being too aggressive, there was no balance, there was no sense of moderation.

So if you’re asking yourself, “how do I live my life authentically without upsetting people around me?” The answer is – stop trying to change people around you. Change YOURSELF first. Change has to first come from WITHIN, then only with the lovely example you have set for others – only will they follow suit. As humans, our Ego does not like advice, the Ego often thinks that it knows best, which is why talking sense into it wouldn’t really work. What’s interesting is that our Essence which merely observes will realize the truth that is being preached through one’s actions. That will start to resonate with that individual on a soul level, and whether they like it or not, the subconscious will have that thought planted in the mind. One day, this person will find him/herself in that situation and find themselves doing the same as YOU have shown onto them. 🙂

Our actions, our truth – creates ripples. Your good intentions and example will set a positive ripple rippling amidst mankind, you never know. My favourite quote from Cloud Atlas says this:

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

Beautiful ain’t it? That’s some food for thought for you lovelies out there.


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