“Breathe, go with the flow of life, be patient, always be present.”

Thank you for the beautiful humans out there who have made this peaceful Gregorian chant available, it really soothes my nerves right now. All I want to do right now is to float on the sea while listening to some Gregorian chant playing distantly in the background. I miss the beach so much, I miss the lake so much, but I’m stuck in a concrete jungle in a never ending race. Oh holidays, come sooner, okay? Be patient, be patient, the perfect holiday you’ve always wanted will come your way soon Cher.

I constantly find myself having monologues. Some days I know I am communicating with my Spirit Guides/my higher self, but some days I can just get really neurotic. I will never be normal, I will always be the offbeat person in the crowd, but my craziness only emanates when my thoughts unravel. I’m always thinking, always with the think-and-thinking process, there’s never one time where my mind is quiet. I definitely have a vata mind. Looks like someone needs some good child’s pose stretching tonight. Thank goodness for yoga, what would I do without you, my dear yoga?

Patience definitely pays off. I have been getting so many signs from the universe about kickstarting my career and I’ve just been waiting everyday for another nudge to push me to where I’m supposed to go. And BAM, today all the opportunities just comes flooding in my subscription box – now I am overwhelmed but in a good way. I’ve erred enough to know that if I do not trust the universe’s timing, I would have forgone a better opportunity for myself. Serendipity may sound stupid to some people, but it is what it is. Let destiny take its course, but of course – being active and aware of what to do is EQUALLY important.

If you’re new in this paradoxical way of thinking and finding the grey area as an answer to everything, you’d think this is outrageous, or it does not make sense at all. How can you be A and B at the same time without cancelling the other? Of course you can – with balance. “Yin and yang as one” is my mantra, some nights where I meditate before going to bed, I keep chanting it in my head. “I honor the yin and yang in me in order to be whole.” Say it together with me, chant it together with me. 🙂

Anyways, my title speaks about being patient. There is an issue or rather, an upcoming event in my life which is going to test my patience. So here I am, typing out this post and making the experience as cathartic as possible. My vata mind needs some outlet for it to be free, for it to be expressed.

“Patience, my young padawan.” – Yoda.


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