“Family – more like soul family.”

Ever wondered why sometimes you click with some people as if you’ve known them from a long time ago and then you realize, they’ve been family and souls recognize that instantaneously. Family plays a really important theme in my life this year, I realize. I’ve been neglecting my family a lot to pursue my own interests, but now I see the bigger picture and I understand what and why have they set those expectations for me – for me to grow bigger and better.


If I’d be given the choice to come back to Earth again in the next reincarnation, maybe I won’t come back anymore. As much as I love my soul family, I realize that being bounded to souls on this plane on a physical level creates so much suffering – and with that realization, I now understand why I need to be across seas and continents, far away from my family because it is preparing for me a bigger love that is beyond physicality.


I remember almost tearing up the day I left Philippines, I realized I love my family so much that even when our opinions and beliefs aren’t “compatible” with each other, we still love each other with all our hearts and that’s all that matters. I cannot stand my emotions some days where the intensity just burns through the chest/heart chakra and feeling a lump form in the throat is not your ideal of being an empath.


My soul family is all over the place, they’re all one big part of the intricate beautiful wonderfully woven universe. What a time to be alive. Love.



Side note, those cute suckers I mean cousins – we’re all planning to be polyglots by the end of the year. Cousins – first liners for life yo.


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