“For from ashes, you will rise again to the depths of your soul and to the heights of your Highest Self.”

How long has it been since I last conveyed my thoughts properly on this blogamedia? How many times have I fallen and tried to get up again to learn things again and again? Last year was full of endings and all I can say is that I do not know whether I was on the right track or not, but surely there has to be some good that has come out from those last 6 months of the Universal 9 year.


Here I am, comparing the state of my mind to that time in my life, I guess there’s always a time where I will rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall. Today I just flew into Australia after approximately a month of hols in the Philippines and boy that really did make me realize so many things – family is life. That’s all I can say. Friends will always be friends. Soul friends are different things, and I can safely say that I do have some soul friends whom I deeply cherish for their love and support.


I feel my Aquarian energy bursting through this year and there has been so many delays every now and then, only to teach me how to be more patient and not-so-impulsive when it comes to things that I THINK align with me – that has been the most err-able thought I’ve ever had. Things do not align with you, your feelings, your intuition, your vibe about that particular being/something/thing is not something you have chosen, or vice versa. It happens simultaneously where it chooses you and you choose it through you and it EXISTING.


Jupiter in Saggitarrius means having luck in travel, foreigners, publishing and education and so far I can testify that’s true, which is why I am moving back into my power of publishing. Publishing thoughts, opinions, and slowly move towards the core where I can expand my personal power through these writings, and hopefully one day — move the person who’s reading it right now.


I can’t say I love you, because I haven’t learned how to fully love myself yet. Till then, I’ll love myself first so I have more to give.


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