“Qi flow, the life force within you is all that there is.”

Trying to type this with my eyes closed, and trying to feel the rhythm of my own heartbeat and typing to it, channeling that lost voice that’s often muffled in today’s situations, it feels liberating being able to type away without any hindrance, listening again and again to this Arctuarian healing music uploaded by a dear soul friend.

You think. You think. You breathe. Meditation, meditation and meditation. Some people don’t require a space for them to meditate, and that’s also beauty, but for people like me, I need a space for myself, I need a lot of space in fact – sometimes I do not even recognize it, but often when I think other people neeed space? It’s me reflecting that onto my own being, that I need space.

I am much more aware of what I think about other people now, because it’s not really what I feel about them, it is truly what I feel about myself, in the deepest recesses of my soul, and every single being that I encounter here on earth is to serve as a mirror for me to let myself grow spiritually, emotionally, and to finally be able to transcend physicality.

The more time you spend with yourself, the more you realize that one is always alone, and the whole universe is a mirror. We are truly alone in this universe, but by choosing to accept other perceptions is what makes us “not alone”. When I say alone, I meant that in a  metaphorical way, not in terms of 3D. We are alone, be cause breaking down a- and lone, it means a  single loner entity, but if you view it from a different perspective it also can mean I am, we are all One.

To all of you who needs a dose of calmness, check out my soul friend’s work. Truly breathtaking.


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