Sloth (Lazy Bum)

“Slothing away is the most productive form of non-doing & existing state.”

Being mindful of your own sloth, lazy ways is actually a privilege that not a lot of people have. I say this because I think that when one is aware of their sloth ways, they incessantly know that they ARE, and they choose to be that way and accept it.

There’s beauty in a lot of things, if you saw slothing away from a different perspective, it’s learning how to just be, and not define yourself by doing so many things that we think we have to do to be deemed worthy of others’ respect. I do that a lot though, unfortunately. I’m always trapped in this mentality that I am never going to be doing enough in this life to be on the top of my game. I always want to do more or to do everything – and that boils down to a part in me that likes control, perfection, the feeling of not being able to trust other people to carry out things the way I want it to.

Forceful. 12th house in Aries, that’s my karma this time. I’ll have to unlearn all my ways from the past and flow, keep flowing, this is why I’m born under Pisces in this life, to learn to be a fish and swim in a big ocean (emotions, spirituality, fountain of life or life itself).

I actually feel like a sloth while typing this, the only thing that’s keeping me awake is the music. I think I need to take a food allergy test.





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