To Be Moved

“People let go of their guard, their defenses, tapping into a place deep inside themselves when they cry,” – Stephen Sideroff

To be moved with such intensity, with such intention, you really have no control over it. We often think that we can control these emotions but a simple eye contact and holding space for another person creates a strong sense of bond, even though you might have not met that person, or even know that person on a deeper level.

Movies, thoughts, music, people, senses, a myriad of things can move you. A lot of things can move you, it’s just that it matters on how you let things affect you. You choose to let things move you because you’re human, not even human, you’re a soul, a being with no boundaries who’s not supposed to be trapped within the confines of the mind. Let your senses guide you, be sensual to stay present in the moment, let yourself be moved.

We’re not supposed to live in a life full of intricate thoughts conjured by a bunch of know-it-alls. We don’t know anything, we are, just we are. The hypocrisy that’s sounding through the wall of my texts is showing, I’m telling people what I know. Two sides of a coin, the more you try to emphasize one side, the more apparent the other side will be, and to maintain your composure to be walking on grey areas – it’s hard.

I say this with conviction – let your thoughts walk the middle way, but for things, causes, etc. that move you as a being, choose a side, live with passion. Let the mind stay grey and only excel in things that you’re meant to excel in in order to continue with life, or survive in this life, otherwise there’s no point always trying to be on either the dark or light side.

Move. Movement. #thetobemovedmovement


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