“Sitting sitting sitting sitting for sesshin sesshin sesshin sesshin.”

Reading this book now from a friend on Everyday Zn by Charlottte Joko Beck. This book makes me laugh, actually not makes me laugh, it makes the ego lose its shit, and then the ego starts to lose control, and the inner joker in this being comes out to play and makes the ego realize how ridiculous the perpetuated stories are.

Talking from a third person’s point of view is very interesting, very much like referring to the ego and essence as two different personalities. Now, I sound like I’m schizophrenic and that definitely reminds me of James McAvoy in Split. That was not even horrific, I think it was majestic, showing the power of minds and how our beliefs can change and morph ourselves into being something that nobody else ever could believe us to be.

Holy shit. I’m ranting. What happened to sesshin? I think it’s a paradox trying to sesshin while writing a blog post. Or I can choose to view it from this POV: these thoughts are thoughts that are not of the essence. I am throwing out my self obsessed thoughts and emotionally induced thoughts, flights of fancy, self construed, perpetual thoughts (for a lack of word I’ll call it bullshit) – out here for y’all. I judge my thoughts? No, I’m aware of them, but I am aware that I was judging my thoughts.

Sesshin, what are you? I’ll sit through this more. Sitting is hard. Next time when someone offers you to sit, accept the offer and do the physical and mental act of sitting. You’re welcome.


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