“Setting a goal often needs you to be in touch with your soul, it’s not as mundane as they make it seem.”

I used to think that goals were useless crap until I could understand it from a different perspective. Hmm. I like having a direction in life, but only for the bigger picture, I’m not really that good with details because once I get into them I could go on forever (yes I am OCD like that).

Goals does not equate to having money though. Screw your bs about your #goals, woo I’m judging again. Okay, shut up. Or maybe I should just let it flow. It’s impossible to observe your own experience of the moment, again Joko said that there’s no such thing because once you observe the experience, you’re not One with it – so a lot of things are of falsehood. God, this book is really getting to me. I hope I make it till the end of the book.

This book is giving me a lot of nihilist ideas, wait what’s nihilist again? *googles* Oh. Somebody who completely rejects the idea of religion and believe that life has no meaning – I’m not yet at that stage. I think I won’t ever reach that stage (even though I’ll have to admit that sometimes I hit that milestone, and then I propel back to finding my purpose again).

Impersonal – something that I’m bad at, we’re all bad at. We like taking things personally, because it feels better if it’s a “good” situation, but we forget that comes at a price that we all have to pay. Hollywood movies are ego boosters, and I love it when I’m down in the dumps. But when I’m trying to be in that no-self state, I completely reject all ego boosting crap – I’m a human of extremes, horrible.


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