Finding Rabih

i found rabih.

And then I remembered, Rabih almost sounds like Rabbi. Ah, back to the Jerusalem times, the Jewish times. I have always had a fond liking for the bar mitzvah, I do not understand why, but it is just something that is always at the back of my subconscious, and today it is being brought up.

That just reminded me of some few Coen brothers films I really liked that had Jewish themes in it, it was really odd and dark but I thank Daniel for the recommendation even though at that time, our tastes were very different. He would go for films which had a very Quentin Tarantino (vintage, f*** you, guns, hot girls, texas/sandy countrysides sort of vibe films). I guess he had also times where he liked the occasionally dark weird stuff.

I am definitely a liker of all things weird. When I mean weird, I mean twisted in a humorous way. Finding Rabih Abou Khalil on Youtube was the best discovery next to finding Gabor Szabo. Gabor Szabo makes me more collected due to the raga influence (india and meditation and new age), whilst Rabih reminded me of crazy nomad adventures in the desert and lots of belly dancing. This is so good.

Not sure whether I would be able to actually do work while listening to wonderful music like this. My room feels like a vacation home. Ambience is so important, but anyway screw that for now, I think I’m going to redownload some of the Coen Brother movies I really liked.


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