The Boy With A Parrot

so it begins with the boy with dreadlocks and his parrot pet.

I was happily eating and finishing up my double chip cookies while this sight caught my eye. Blond dreadlocks guy, with really elaborately patterned orange tights and knee high boots, and a parrot perched on his shoulder. I was very amused at the sight.

As usual, I would try to take a picture of the sight, but this time I let it go and just let it be. He kissed his parrot as if it were his most precious possession, and for me to call his parrot a possession is a bad thing. The parrot must have been his friend, his loyal companion for life.

I was staring through the glass windows with intent, hoping that he’d take a look my way and we could acquaint each other or exchange a grin, and sending each other good thoughts before continuing our ongoing journey.

Well, he didn’t look back and I was fine with that. The fact that I got to witness such rarity in this society really made me feel some sort of way. Whatever his story is or was, I would’ve been curious to know.

For some reason I felt he was German, or if he isn’t, probably Scandinavian.



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