Buddha Bar

this is the story of how the buddha bar came into existence:

One day, there was this man who acclaimed to be one of the buddha’s followers but still wanted a drink, an alcoholic drink. Now, buddha never said no to alcohol unlike Jainism counterparts, so this follower was thinking whether it (yes, it started calling itself “It” because It became asexual and also equated asexuality with no self – which by any terms did not make full sense,  but the premise still works nevertheless).

So he went to this drinking place full of rowdy cowboys and what the society would call – “low lives” (we’re talking about drug dealers, cartels, wipers etc.). It wanted to understand how could one merge both aspects – of the material world and the spiritual world. So It assessed its needs, gathered some invisible might (conjuring energies, one would call it). Lo and behold, It realized that there shall be a buddha bar.

And there it was, It took the place of the bartender, said to him :”I’m the innovator, and this buddha bar shall flourish,” in a sullen humor tone.

Where is the buddha aspect then? You’re curious, I’m curious too. It turned out that the buddha aspect was in the ambience itself – candles, buddha figurines. For some, it felt erotic but oddly conservative at the same time; for some, it felt like a luxury.


Well, that was some horse shisse.


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