The Orange Book of Passion

Is passion a crime?

There was once a girl, who understood that orange meant warmth, and could also mean passion, but little did she not know that passions that were too strong were meant to self destruct until she met a man who would change her perspective on passion forever.

She never understood why so much passion came together with so much unsaid words emanating from her throat chakra. Eventually she got to understand that the throat chakra and sacral chakra are complements, and there has to be a balance between dualities. The more she tried to ensue her passion, the more she felt that something had to be communicated.

Fortunately, the orange book of passion saved her. It was one of those vintage notebooks she got from a thrift shop with yellowing pages inside it. She called it the orange book of passion because it was her safe refuge to write down everything that was in her head, from A – Z.

She once wrote some songs for a guy who taught her the brighter, hippy ways of life. Her passion for him lost its way when she finally met the guy who was going to make her understand the true meaning of passion. Orange, warmth, unconditional love, ancient – just like India.

She had been thinking about the orange book of passion again. Maybe she will write this guy who reminds her of India – a song.

“I’ll bare my soul naked this time,” she told to herself.


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