Taking uneducated risks always has been something on my mind lately.

I feel that I have been going on with the status quo too much. I desire freedom, living life on the edge, adrenaline, journeys, and in the past two minutes I have just made the conscious choice to let go of one of the job opportunities (because why should I try to apply for another job when I am doing fine with my current job?)

Again, this nagging feeling at the back of my head keeps coming up – me not wanting to submit an application for this job could very well mean that I am resisting change, and going with change is what I should strive for in this lifetime if I want to learn my North Node challenges right. Alright Rabih, this is too much desert/journey/arab/camel-ish vibe for me, I will have to switch to Astor Piazzolla. Holy crap, my perfectionism is acting up again.

How do you even tune-in to your own psyche field? By slowing down apparently. Passionate soul they call it – for the Scorpio in North Noders. I’m feeling Alastair and Ezio right now from Assassin’s Creed. For some reason, that game really calls to me – and definitely the main theme. I can’t stand this. So much for wanting to get some yoga done today eh?



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