The Search Is Over

The search is over, Megan. It’s right here, right now.

No more labels, no more ideals, no more expectations, no more boundaries, it’s all that there is. It is a part of your life that you’ll have to carry with, but it does not have to define you as a person. It’s okay to channel that dark scorpion energy sometimes when you need to get some past karma cleared, but then do not forget your present Part of Fortune in Cancer, okay?


Whatever comes your way will be something you’ll have to learn, it does not matter who or what or how it will present itself, you’ll just need to learn to have the tenacity to face it just like the way you’ve faced your biggest challenge so far in life.

You thought you were gonna die, yes you died, but in a metaphorical way. Now, you’re experiencing death again, peeling all the layers to show what you really have within, your core power, your passionate soul. Cultivate, mold, make something out of yourself that you’re passionate about.

Your skills – it’s okay to make that a part of your identity. It is not better or worse off than experiences, but for now making skills set as a part of your identity is what you need.

Do it.


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