Cheri, Where Art Thou

Have you ever disappeared from the surface of earth only to reappear again and finding out that you’ve lost out on so many things in life?

That’s exactly how I feel about life right now, I’ve been cocooned in my cage for so long, not knowing exactly how to let go, and suffer the consequences – but then again, nature always has its way of balancing things.

So now, I’m going through that process where I have to bring balance to all of my actions because I’ve used up my good karma and accumulated more Taurus karma with the last experience I had (at least that’s what I believe in).

And now, I feel that I am getting back to my old self, the real me – the cheerful, optimistic me who always will find a way through life with things. The nostalgia keeps flooding back in. Suddenly, I find myself thinking of this friend I used to have 3 years ago, or even 4 years ago. She reminded me about so many good things about my childhood – I feel that somehow she is a part of my soul family.

Narnia, Ben Barnes, a love for gothic romance or anything gothic, classical music, dark but not brooding – channeling that North Nodian Scorpio energy again! I never forgot her first name. It took me quite awhile to remember her alias online, but alas! She wasn’t found again.

Or it could be my memory acting up.

If thou knowest about thee, please bestow me-th the wisdom (okay this Shakespeare conundrum is going nowhere, just give up) to find her.

Cheri, if you see this, it’d be golly well to hear from you.


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