Have you ever read some older posts you wrote and your thoughts are hinging between “holy shit this is awesome” or “wow that was a bunch of horse shit disguised in fancy writing”.

Music really affects the brain, I haven’t been listening to jazz a lot lately, did I become stupid as a result? Not really, but not with too much enthusiasm in life I guess. I’ve been listening to a lot of I don’t know what genre would that fit in the realm of altering consciousness. I just know I soak up a lot of those energies and they often would get reflected in the way I do things, say things, just anything.

Jazz is supposed to give you a ‘jizz’ of spirit flowing through you and everything sort of just becoming from a part of the subconscious. Jazz is supposed to be about the future, that’s what Seb said. La La Land killed me, I cried more than I should because it really reminded me of my own selfish ways and that I could possibly lose you if I get so caught up with my dreams.

I’m not going to make the same mistake, come back soon, I miss you a lot. x


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