Jamie Cullum

On channeling my winter side of things, born during winter, loving winter, having winter coloring, Jamie Cullum completes that perfectly. Perfect winter/autumn voice and to chill and study to. Okay this album is really getting to me, it makes me want to book a flight to NYC. Maybe after I graduate I should probably pay NYC a visit as my graduation present. I don’t know. There’s still that part in me that really loves New York, or big cities. Always New York for some reason. Jamie isn’t even American. The irony.

And then youtube decides to tell me that shamanic tantra is a good idea to listen to right now. Uh huh.

Goddamn, it’s really cold. These houses have really plastic thin wooden walls.

And goddamn, this is a different version of the song. I really notice subtleties I guess.

Big Scary has been something I’ve been playing on repeat too. I feel that ‘me’ coming back slowly, and altogether. Must be a combination of a lot of things.

I need to change the layout again. This happens every now and then. I like things reflecting my inner state of being.


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