Deep Love and Sadness

Elevating consciousness and going deep within, so much soul work and releasing and letting go and just having to accept whatever there is.

Deep love and sadness lingering and continuing as a central theme – razor’s edge. Will it ever change? Only with deep love then non attachment happens, and prayer is needed to be able to merge that gap.

How to get mundane sh*t done when you’re looking for depth? But maybe hang up on the phone once you’ve found the answers to continue living, doing “work”. And then continue being your”self” or actually just proceeding to take down all barriers when you’re with someone you deeply love.

ROE, return on equity, OROA operating return on operating assets and systems and things and information systems, guess sitting with the pain and getting some stuff done is the true challenge. Have said this again and again, S listens and understands, – “whatever have I done to deserve you?”, same comic strip, old wounds.

Twin flame forecast said break free. Did not really get to read into it in depth, self conscious about talking about twin flames. The time will come eventually. 26 – passing of small things.


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