Ending the Generational Wound

Understanding, and going through so many layers of the subconscious and finally coming to realize that a lot of this, factoral patterning or whatever it is called – if you have enough respect for yourself, you will respect all the generations that have come before you and what lessons can you learn from them. The wound should not bring you down, but rather build you. It is going to be your hamartia but will you let other people step all over it? Or choose to only let a few people in?

Understanding from multiple points of view is absolutely important in helping you understand whatever you do right now is only for yourself, and in a way – the harsher lessons of life were meant to prepare you for something that required you to step out of the comfort zone. In which in this case, I strongly agree. A lot of tough love, so should you take the advice and toil on with your hard work, or be submerged with all these distractions that take you away from the real purpose, all whatever your ancestors had brought before you – to nothing, to ashes?

A renewed sense of self respect is different from feeling good about yourself. You can runaway from all the myriad of thoughts that disturb you or stay grounded and accept the parts that have become you, learn how to use your charms as advantages but not to overpower people, but to show them how things can be done.

Power comes at a cost. Tread lightly.


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