So much

Responsibilities, one taken at a time, light heartedly, with fun,

And then when it comes to nurturing… that’s when shit hits the fan, you know you’re rolling in the deep again

Letting go of the past has happened, but then what is the future?

You just wait, in that silence you just wait and do and nurture, wait and do and nurture

You want to make films like cyr but that’s cyr, how will megan make films?

Taking Yourself for Granted

have you ever asked yourself this question? not taking others for granted, but yourself. what is aligned with your highest purpose but you keep putting it at bay for fear of rejection from other people or the fear of success and being in the limelight and being scrutinized for every move?

yeah, think about it. i was in so much pain while at work yesterday, trying to find my purpose and finally boiling down to the question – have i been taking megan for granted? at first i started blaming everyone around me, and it came back to me, did i ever allow megan to shine through?

that’s why the universe constantly sends these lessons to us for us to come full circle to realize our own self worth, and see what else needs tweaking. don’t get me wrong, this does not mean changing everything in a sec, but energetically feeling that scenario, whether it vibrates or resonates with you, how much pain can you tolerate, how much practicality you can tolerate in order to reach the next phase in your life, etc.


1010, earlier.

The Art of Seduction

Emotions as a reel to push you towards breaking your own templates, learning your own limits, and actually using that anger to learn something. Challenged. The best teacher is would be your own feelings, especially ones that are red in color. Learn how to deal with your own 36/9. Stay cool, hydrated. The best relationships are the ones that push you beyond your limits, pushing you beyond your fear, mirroring is not an easy process but if you can pinpoint what is it mirroring in your life – voila, congratulations.


Tired of making choices sometimes or it must be the migraine speaking

That was my last life, I do not want to go back into it again, it’s too much pain, trying to regain control, being somebody who could not look past her social patterning. I know at my core who am I

Pisces, absorbing too many energies around, I am sick of it, learn to be yourself


Gravitational Decoherence

Gravitational Decoherence is the theory where we will always exist in classical states and never able to be in quantum states due to this decoherence factor, but then S said that gravitation might not be the cause of decoherence.

Wait, so my question is that if you want to induce a coherent state, does that mean that quantum and classical states would exist at the same time? And does it vary for different individuals since we all are in our own quantum states?

OK, if that is held true, therefore in my coherent state, the variable would be cheese because cheese holds my life together.