Your Lullaby Love

Saudade? Nao. Triste? Nao. Mi amore, te quiero tanto mucho. Stefanovski. Lelatubyu. (it means – to slay a slaughter). Seemingly relevant. Du bist meine Clyde zu meinem Bonnie. ‘Cause when I’m seeing double, It’s your lullaby love that keeps me from trouble’


Have you ever gone past desire to see behind that it’s actually because you can finally accept your 7th house and have a relationship with yourself, and with that you’re ready to give yourself to another wholesomely? Creative self expression, they always say.. As I type away in my lover’s office in the dark, I … Continue reading Desire

Moving On

It’s official, the beginning of all endings. “Move on with your life,” dad said before he and mom left. I stood in the hallway trying hard not to let the tears fall, because I finally understand what love is, what spiritual practice is, which is to give openly despite differences. Acceptance. My inner child has … Continue reading Moving On

Visions of You

I can’t write in this state when my heart and soul is full of nostalgia. I dreamt you out of my 2 favourite animated movies. Now you’re big as life, breathing, moving, living right before my eyes. Everytime I see your face, I can’t believe my luck, but this is reality. I am no longer … Continue reading Visions of You

Omega 3

I know, there’s something always about health that we’re all ravin’ about and today I’m going to rave about Omega 3. I’ve been really foggy headed for the past few weeks after running out of Omega 3s and mind you, I just take one capsule a day because some days I feel it’s too much? … Continue reading Omega 3

let go & take action

Clickbaits, different energies, different seasons – sometimes you just gotta stop listening to what other people are saying – stop making people make you believe that you should think a certain way, enough with the self improvement talks Take action bbys