Omega 3

I know, there’s something always about health that we’re all ravin’ about and today I’m going to rave about Omega 3. I’ve been really foggy headed for the past few weeks after running out of Omega 3s and mind you, I just take one capsule a day because some days I feel it’s too much? … Continue reading Omega 3

On High Functioning Anxiety

Maybe everyone has a degree of high functioning anxiety in them, I noticed that I do this everytime when I have a fairly high degree of stress which then translates into anxiety. Coupled with music it becomes high functioning anxiety. I never understood social anxiety either but now I feel it, it must’ve been something … Continue reading On High Functioning Anxiety

Manchuria – Pt. 1

She was stuck in a rut due to her over-seemingly unhealthy obsession with tinted lip balms. It was overshadowing every single brain cell of hers. Without second thought, she wrapped her Nepali scarf around her neck, grabbed her wallet, phone and keys, then swiftly stepped out into the cold winter night, fantasizing about the purchase … Continue reading Manchuria – Pt. 1

Emotional Catharsis

“Pearly shells, down the ocean, shining in the sun, covering the shore..” To my mom whom I’ve always misunderstood – I understand you now and the generational pain that women have always carried, and I wish you weren’t so emotionally repressed and having it coming out in different ways. I was on the bus on … Continue reading Emotional Catharsis


Do you know why you go into deep bouts of depression? Yeah, you. All of us, or maybe some of us who try to ponder life’s meaning too much. Elitism. That’s what makes you depressed, no one ever asked you to find out the meaning of life and beyond, but because you think you’re so … Continue reading Feeling

Deep Love and Sadness

Elevating consciousness and going deep within, so much soul work and releasing and letting go and just having to accept whatever there is. Deep love and sadness lingering and continuing as a central theme – razor’s edge. Will it ever change? Only with deep love then non attachment happens, and prayer is needed to be … Continue reading Deep Love and Sadness


Have you ever read some older posts you wrote and your thoughts are hinging between “holy shit this is awesome” or “wow that was a bunch of horse shit disguised in fancy writing”. Music really affects the brain, I haven’t been listening to jazz a lot lately, did I become stupid as a result? Not … Continue reading Wow