Cool Jazz

A little bit too bright, some of these days I’m just going go overboard if I do not contain myself. We are all some sort of crazy spirals in the head you know, coming back to look at different things but jazz… cool jazz in particular- always helps give you a certain perspective on things … Continue reading Cool Jazz

Just Do It

The Goddess of victory – Nikeā™„ And there was war, Aries, but the wrath of Nike was different from Aries’, a combination of both Athena and Aries I’d like to believe. She’s the goddess associated with Capricorn, my midHeaven. As for now, it feels really odd to try so hard to write with flair. Bruce … Continue reading Just Do It

Moving On

It’s official, the beginning of all endings. “Move on with your life,” dad said before he and mom left. I stood in the hallway trying hard not to let the tears fall, because I finally understand what love is, what spiritual practice is, which is to give openly despite differences. Acceptance. My inner child has … Continue reading Moving On

Visions of You

I can’t write in this state when my heart and soul is full of nostalgia. I dreamt you out of my 2 favourite animated movies. Now you’re big as life, breathing, moving, living right before my eyes. Everytime I see your face, I can’t believe my luck, but this is reality. I am no longer … Continue reading Visions of You

Omega 3

I know, there’s something always about health that we’re all ravin’ about and today I’m going to rave about Omega 3. I’ve been really foggy headed for the past few weeks after running out of Omega 3s and mind you, I just take one capsule a day because some days I feel it’s too much? … Continue reading Omega 3

Change of. Heart

True change comes from the heart. My chakras light up in an intense way that’s not painful, but slightly triggering – and reminding me about the person that I wish to become in or without your presence The mind hurts a little because it cannot understand, but it carries the emotion it feels, only ever … Continue reading Change of. Heart

Gotta Go

I gotta go. these past memories no longer have a hold on me and i am frankly relieved, however i just need to say that it will be a fond place in my heart, a place where i have learnt a lot of lessons, emotions, following the heart has really helped me grow into a … Continue reading Gotta Go