let go & take action

Clickbaits, different energies, different seasons – sometimes you just gotta stop listening to what other people are saying – stop making people make you believe that you should think a certain way, enough with the self improvement talks

Take action bbys


Change of. Heart

True change comes from the heart.

My chakras light up in an intense way that’s not painful, but slightly triggering – and reminding me about the person that I wish to become in or without your presence

The mind hurts a little because it cannot understand, but it carries the emotion it feels, only ever with a slight tinge of pain, and now the ego is willing to be guided by the heart.


Gotta Go

I gotta go. these past memories no longer have a hold on me and i am frankly relieved, however i just need to say that it will be a fond place in my heart, a place where i have learnt a lot of lessons, emotions, following the heart has really helped me grow into a better person.

We all have learnt to love and lose somebody, a part of ourselves that will quite frankly never be the same from this point on.

So I gotta go, I gotta go.



Layers of self deception, resisting, running from the truth – not soft enough to face the truth…

Soul, just let me do this once and for all. I want to surrender everything.

Finding you in book cases, mazes full of twist and turns perceived by my mind, trying to find that song. Olafur Arnalds, it was something about that, calling me your princess, seeing your handsome face once more –

It was only a dream but it felt so real, and in the dream I did not even know whether you were science or fiction

Did I put you again in the waiting room?

This is the final chapter Megan


Heart of Gold

Taking advantage of people’s hearts of gold, and the ones who truly care and want it and need it most actually don’t get it, but get pushed out into the cold to survive by themselves, having a sense of bitterness in oneself in the long run or hope – only to be dashed by scammers alike.

What has our world come to? Liars, deceptive manipulators.

Where are the genuine people? They have to be out there somehow.

Never trust the internet (most of the time).

Breathing finally

There are some things I have to remember. Parallels, lessons. Daniel. You incepted in my mind these convoluted views of sexuality, you were so smart, but so bloody troubled, and you couldn’t take responsibility for it. I choose to not accept your beliefs, as I have mine. You can’t pull me down there anymore, you don’t have the power. I choose to explore my sexuality in my own way. Indeed you’ve opened my pandora box but I choose to look past it, and not let my Leo my ego my sexuality fully define me. I am love, unconditional love, and I’m not about to impose your version on hell onto the person I love deeply – S. I see the way he loves me, his own version of hell not conflicted onto me, and for me to want that version of hell to be known – maybe not this time around. Till then, your version of hell holds no power over anybody else’s minds. I apologize to myself for being naive, allowing you to intrude my subconscious and plant insidious ideas to cause my psyche nothing but pain. I know you’ll be around, but just a hovering thought. Maybe to keep me safe in any situation, I appreciate it, but I am strong enough to be my own person and trust my instincts. Chiron in virgo and 5th house to be healed, always perfect and deserving of love without having to overtly prove oneself’s worth/effort in 5th. Moving to phase 4 in love. We choose love. Goodnight.