By the time

By the time you’re back, you’ll see me differently. I’ll be different, stronger, loving myself more, finally being me

Every single interaction i have with myself pushes me forward to being the woman I’m supposed to be.

It’s interesting.

Nothing’s really real, right?


Missing You

Missing you with the depths of my soul,
As I silently breathe.

My head spins, heart beats,
And all I can hear is silence.

I feel you in my blood, in my veins,
Cause when my eyes are seeing double –
It’s your lullaby love that keeps me from trouble
It’s your lullaby love that keeps me level
It’s your lullaby love that keeps me awake

ok back to receiving bye


Hope You Know

I hope you know even when I’m typing this sitting at the beach in the Caribbean seas, I miss you, always.

Sending Aquarian love to you, Stefan. It keeps my Scorpio in 7th house in check before I uncontrollably burst into tears as I secretly wish I could.

…let go…


The reality is that I’m listening to Stan Getz in my room after a nice long productive day & that I got to talk to you a little..

So Megan. Done with that breathing space bullshit from when you were with Daniel.

62. Love deepens in small incremental ways, not a big bang.


Have you ever gone past desire to see behind that it’s actually because you can finally accept your 7th house and have a relationship with yourself, and with that you’re ready to give yourself to another wholesomely?

Creative self expression, they always say.. As I type away in my lover’s office in the dark, I silently crave for his presence, or just to touch his face and look at him deeply. Sometimes, he doesn’t know, but I know things. For example, I caught him tearing up a little. Just for awhile, and it was gone.

Concentrate your mind, they say. I find my intense focus drawing some flow of peace and innate warmth from my loins.

I finally know how to stop the tears from coming. I just have to call your name in my head, and pain goes away. They say, whenever you can’t seem to bring yourself to say a certain someone’s name without crying -it’s because your love is overflowing.

I want you here right now.


Some days I just get filled with dislike towards you and your ignorance about mental health and wanting to play God for your Ego was too damn big. Too damn of a perfectionist and the fact that I had to pick up on your micromanagement skills subconsciously overwhelms me from time to time.

Your fear is absolute poison, I wish I never knew you.

Some days I can still hear your voice at the back of my head and your overbearing analytical side.

I forgive you but the after taste is still there. I dislike you. Truly.