Alignment (II)

“Alignment does not just happen once, it happens every time you have learned a lesson and let go of that belief in order to be aligned with your new self.” Aligning your own energies with the universe is truly a beautiful thing. I have been away for the past few weeks since I’ve entered a … Continue reading Alignment (II)


“Your sensuality drives me crazy, it makes me pine for you even more.” With Chet Baker’s full album playing softly in the background, she happily lights up the sandalwood scented candle in the bedroom. She walks towards the dresser to check how she looks. She did a messy updo, grabbed her favourite scent and rolled … Continue reading Sexual-Spiritual?

I Am Enough

“Whatever I’ve done to ever deserve you, it couldn’t have possibly been enough.” I stumbled across this depressing comic strip which had the quote I highlighted above. I remember crying because that’s exactly how I feel about Daniel. I feel like I do not deserve his love, or that whatever I have done – wasn’t … Continue reading I Am Enough


“We could be still trapped in an infinity loop where you and I keep crossing paths and falling in love, and I’d still think it wouldn’t suffice.” To draw an infinity loop, you’d just have to imagine drawing a number 8 sideways. I mean, come on what sort of advice was that Cher? What I … Continue reading Infinito


“Why do we struggle so much? Why do I struggle so much? – Because of resistance.” Resistance means nothing if what you are resisting will eventually have to happen in the future. Your acceptance is the only thing that will guide you throughout this tumultuous journey. However, it is important to note that not all … Continue reading Struggles


“Gratitude cultivates the feeling of love for everything else, and that is why we should practice gratitude.” I am so happy right now after finding out this awesome low light app or program (google f.lux) that allows my screen to adjust to the suitable brightness it has to be in certain lighting conditions. This is … Continue reading Gratitude