Vince Guaraldi

A Charlie Brown Christmas. How funny these times remind me of the year end, the autumn leaves and the autumn season which is supposed to start tomorrow, makes me feel oddly at peace yet nostalgic. Understanding my North Node was an important key component today. I’m all that red, black and burgundy jazz. Red velvet … Continue reading Vince Guaraldi

Buddha Bar

this is the story of how the buddha bar came into existence: One day, there was this man who acclaimed to be one of the buddha’s followers but still wanted a drink, an alcoholic drink. Now, buddha never said no to alcohol unlike Jainism counterparts, so this follower was thinking whether it (yes, it started … Continue reading Buddha Bar

The Boy With A Parrot

so it begins with the boy with dreadlocks and his parrot pet. I was happily eating and finishing up my double chip cookies while this sight caught my eye. Blond dreadlocks guy, with really elaborately patterned orange tights and knee high boots, and a parrot perched on his shoulder. I was very amused at the … Continue reading The Boy With A Parrot